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An important part of our process is partnering with a community champion — such as a chamber of commerce, a business/neighborhood association, a city, or a group of community organizers — to launch each Support Local neighborhood. These are the people who know their neighborhoods best, and can speak to the secret-sauce of their community’s spirit. We seek these people as partners in order to launch the most inclusive, meaningful, and successful marketplace possible for each area.

Our process for launching each marketplace is different, but all start with this key individual or organization. If you are this person, or know someone who is, we’d love to talk about launching a Support Local marketplace for your community!

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Sponsor A Neighborhood

A sponsor can be an organization, business, or individual who has an interest in seeing their neighborhood thrive.

By sponsoring a Support Local marketplace, you can support the initial website launch, and/or support the ongoing management and marketing of the site — helping to keep the cost to merchants low…if not zero!

Sponsors (depending on their level of contribution) may have their logo featured in the footer of the marketplace sitewide, benefit from ad placement within the marketplace, and  — most importantly — enjoy visibility as a “Champion of Community.”

To learn more about sponsoring an existing Support Local marketplace:

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