Keep your money where your heart is.

We created the Support Local platform in response to COVID-19, with survival for fellow small businesses as our big goal. But this little idea is built to thrive even after we’re out of the woods.

Support Local is a customizable, turnkey marketplace that helps small businesses to band together as a neighborhood — getting them online and shoppable, all in one place.

We partner with community champions to set up shoppable neighborhoods™ quickly… because by supporting small businesses today, we can ensure that they’ll be here tomorrow.

There are a few big ideas behind our project:

Neighborhoods are the essential unit.
For both businesses and residents, “home” is close-to-heart. If we can make it beautiful + easy for people to shop the neighborhood they love — even if they’re scrolling, instead of strolling — we can keep dollars local, and communities close-knit.

Everybody in one spot.
Support Local is a one-stop-shop for a neighborhood’s small businesses. Whether it’s products, services, or takeout/delivery, this is the place to find things close to home. And by centralizing everyone’s offerings at one destination, neighborhood associations can stretch marketing dollars further by driving traffic to just one URL. (And FYI, we can set up the marketplace on any domain!)

Easy onboarding, easy admin.
Getting businesses onboarded to Support Local is just a matter of having them fill out a user sign-up form, and then granting access to a self-service process for uploading items they’d like to promote. With built-in options for moderating users, submissions, and categories, Support Local asks little of its administrators beyond their time. (PS: We designed Support Local to accommodate businesses which have existing e-commerce solutions, as well as those that don’t. If this is a business’ first experience with getting online, our process makes it incredibly easy. Now’s not the time for this to be hard!)

Businesses keep 100% of their sales.
Support Local will never take a sales commission. And we give businesses options for how they’d like to set up transactions — whether that’s an outlink to their own site, an outlink to a takeout/delivery platform, or a “Buy Now” button supported by PayPal. But no matter what they choose, the transaction between buyer and seller is always direct, and always will be.

Organized by a community champion.
An important part of our process is partnering with a community champion — such as a chamber of commerce, a business/neighborhood association, a city, or a group of community organizers — to launch each Support Local neighborhood. These are the people who know their neighborhoods best, and can speak to the secret sauce of their community’s spirit. We seek these people as partners in order to launch the most inclusive, meaningful, and successful marketplace possible for each area.

Turnkey…but customizable, too!
The Support Local platform has so many ready-to-go features, but we also customize each marketplace to fit a neighborhood’s visual identity and functional goals. Take a look at some of our existing neighborhoods — we take pride in each feeling unique.

We hope you take some time to explore these neighborhoods, soak up the local flavor, and perhaps find something you love. And if you’d like to get your own neighborhood online, too — just ask… we’ve got you covered.

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